The Modern LMS for Quality Education

With a meticulous design, breathtaking speed and opinionated yet flexible tools, Shft fully enhances the teaching & learning experience for educators & students

No more complex features

Essential tools, no clutter, pure focus.

Experience a Decluttered Interface

Our simplicity allows lecturers & students focus on what truly matters - teaching & learning.

Flexible & Powerful LMS

Our flexible features empower lecturers to creatively tailor their approach to delivery and assessment for a smooth learning experience.
Shft for Lecturers

Elevate education with our user-friendly LMS

Built-In Grading

Eliminate the gap between digital submissions and in-depth communications. Grade every student's submission without leaving the LMS whilst having the necessary tools to provide personalised, clear & immediate feedback.

Virtual Classroom

Shft's online conference tool has the best qualities to mimic the energy & interaction of a physical classroom setting. Create, organise, and retrieve online classes seamlessly.

Hassle-Free Grading

Say goodbye to grading headaches. Our grading tool's interface is designed to allow lecturers to have a peace of mind to provide valuable feedback to students instead of going through the tedious aspects of grading.

Diverse Assessment Method

Tailor your evaluations to fit the subject matter and don't let technology limitation restrict your creativity to assess your students with various formats.

Attendance Tracker

Simply manage and monitor the student attendance effortlessly. Our attendance is simple to use because we believe lecturers' focus should be on educating, not administrating.

'Smart' Utility Search Tool

Jump in and browse, preview any LMS contents, and take action on them without spending time to figure out where they're stored. Our smart search tool also learns how you use the LMS and prioritises results.
Shft for Students

Stay on top of the academic game with our LMS

All Learning Materials in One Place

Access all educational materials in an organised, intuitive manner. Our retrieval user experience philosophy keeps everything a student need just a few clicks away.

Your 'Performance' Co-Pilot

See how well you, as a student, is doing in a course. Understand the things that matters and needs to be done, track your progress, and plan your prioritisation effectively. It’s clarity that enhances learning. classes seamlessly.


Never miss a deadline again. Our platform keeps you on track with action items and deadline reminders, pushing all this into the student's dashboard.

Mobile Friendly

Learn on the go with our fully Mobile Friendly platform. Our responsive design ensures you can access your courses, submit assignments, and review notes, anytime, anywhere.