Seamless Learning.
Done Simply, Done Right

Shft is the latest all-in-one Learning Management System provider for universities to facilitate the learning & teaching experience for lecturers & students.

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LTI Compliant

Align your university's ecosystem with Shft using the industry standard.

100% Mobile Responsive

Access the LMS anytime, anywhere and most importantly - mobile ready.

The All-in-One LMS

Efficiently facilitate the A-Z university journey with the necessary features.

The better way to manage higher education’s learning landscape

Meet the new standard for modern Learning Management System

Experience a Decluttered Interface

Our simplicity allows lecturers & students focus on what truly matters - teaching & learning

The Flexible & Powerful LMS

The flexibility on all our features empowers lecturers to be creative on the essentials of delivery & assessment.  

We believe in
simplicity & functionality

Overly complex and cluttered systems creates barriers instead of bridges. Our aim for Shft LMS is to:

Make all features intuitive and straightforward.
Strip away cluttered elements within LMS in today's market.
Ensure the LMS as a tool to facilitate, and not complicate.

Trusted by experienced university academics

Initially, I approached the proof of concept with some skepticism, wondering if yet another LMS could truly meet our needs. To my delight, this system was different—intuitive and straightforward. The interface eliminated the usual clutter, making it easier to concentrate on teaching.

Dr. Anuar Ali
Deputy Dean @Universiti Teknologi MARA

Everything flows so logically and smoothly; it feels like the system anticipates my needs before I even articulate them. Shft truly has bright potential.

Ts. Dr. Abdul Hadi
Senior Lecturer @Taylor's University

It's designed to be super simple, but without sacrificing the depth and flexibility required for effective teaching and learning.

Shafiqah Sulaiman
Student's Affairs Division @Nilai Polytechnic College

Definitely amazed at the speed with which I could complete everyday tasks. Setting up courses, uploading materials, and communicating with students was faster than I’ve ever experienced. Huge bonus that it significantly cuts down the time I spend on administrative tasks

Dr. Ong Sheue Li
Senior Lecturer @Universiti Malaya